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International Whaling Commission

In 1982, the International Whaling Commission passed a global ban on commercial whaling. But Japan and its allies have been trying to lift the ban, and currently kills hundreds of whales each year under a thin disguise of ‘scientific research’. This year, they have put forward an aggressive and dangerous package of proposals that would undermine and ultimately allow the ban to be lifted, allowing Japan and other countries to openly hunt whales for profit.

Our team of experts will be at the meeting to fight attempts to weaken protections for whales, and to promote and progress urgent and ground-breaking work to save whales from the many other threats they face, such as entanglement in fishing nets, ship strikes and strandings.

Whales urgently need your help. Add your name, and we will hand deliver your name  to the Chair and Secretary of the IWC at the start of the meeting, to show governments all over the world that thousands of people want the IWC to protect whales, not persecute them. 

Humane Sociaety International

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“I believe that commercial whaling is cruel, unnecessary and irresponsible. I stand with Humane Society International in urging all countries that are members of the IWC to oppose Japan’s proposals to bring back commercial whaling. Whales already face so many threats, a return to commercial whaling is the last thing they need.”

Sign the pledge to protect whales!

Sign the pledge to protect whales!

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